In your kitchen, use your scrub to clean inside your enamel oven, racks and even the interior glass panel of your oven's door.

Tip: Pair with All Purpose Cleaner for better results. For delicate surfaces use our Soft Scrub.

  • 01 Oven Scrub jar (16oz)
  • 01 All Purpose spray (16oz bottle shipped with Concentrate only to reduce your Carbon Footprint, just top with water)
  • 01 Large Metallic Sponge

Choose your containers- Plastic Bottle + Jar (PET) or Glass Bottle + Jar.

How it Works
  1. Apply the scrub over the oven surface including the interior glass
  2. Scrub with a metallic or scouring sponge, then use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface.
  3. Enjoy a clean oven!

For tough areas, repeat the process until thoroughly cleaned.

Purify Blend

We only use the best therapeutic grade essential oils


100% Plant and Mineral derived ingredients:

  • Pumice Stone (volcanic rock)
  • Distilled Water (purified water)
  • Coco Glucoside (coconut derived)
  • Decyl Glucoside (coconut derived)
  • Citric Acid (food grade)
  • Potassium Cocoate (coconut derived)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • Sodium Citrate (food grade)
  • Essential Oils (plant derived / therapeutic grade)

*Just for Cleaning Purposes, not safe for ingesting | Refill, reuse or recycle the container

Oven Cleaning Kit

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